Comedy At The Speed Of Sleep!

We can provide state of the art beautiful

night time digital lighting production.

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Seminars On Medical Hypnosis

About Ron Diamond

Day Time or Night Time our stage production

backs up an unbelievable show!

We utilize incredible digital sound production

backed by the phenomenal X32 32 Channel

digital sound board.  We can manage the stage and provide lighting and sound for other acts as well.

When Ron is performing on location at fairs throughout the country he is often asking to do his seminar on Medical Hypnosis at Universities, Medical continuing education events and conventions located in the vicinity of his performing venues.

With Ron's degrees in Psychology, Sociology and Certifications in Hypnotherapy Ron is uniquely qualified to present his Introduction to Hypnosis use in Medicine and his half day seminar on the history and applications of Hypnosis within the medical community.   Because of his years of performance his seminars are packed with entertaining and fun interactions and audience participation.

Feel free to contact Ron about having him speak at your event, especially if it is at a time and place in proximity to one of his performance dates and venues!

Stage Lighting and Sound