15 Circle Washes

Lighting Equipment Offered

2 Class 4 Lasers

15 FOH Washes

2 Nitro520 Stage Washes

Midas M32 32 Channel Digianl Mixing Board

Behringer Air18 16 Channel Digital Mixing Board

32 Channel Midas DL32 Digital Snake

24 Channel Analog Snake

All necessary processors

RCF Line Array with 6 HDL20s and 4 8004AF Subs

8 RCF NX 15-SMA stage monitors

Mic Stands

8 Shure SM58 Mics

6 Audix Mics

4 Shure 57s

I Sennheiser 609 Guitar Mic

Two Shure Handheld Wireless Mics

5 piece Audix Drum Mic KIt

Shure 91A Kick Drum Mic

All Needed Mic Cables

6 Radial Pro DI Boxes

Other backing equipment provided

1 100 amp 220 single phase Distro Panel

100' Distro cable to your electrical panel

 6   10' Pieces of Tri Truss

10  14' Capible Truss and Speaker Stands

3 Tables for holding equipment

32 High end LifeTime Chairs for Hypnosis Shows.


60' Truss Accents

Where needed or desired I will provide stage management for your stage to provide contact and guarantee a smooth flow of the stages daily schedule.  This frees up your staff to attend to other pressing needs.

Sound Equipment Offered

Chamsys PC Wing Lighting Console

27" TouchScreen lighting control monitor

8 Chauvet Tri18 FOH Washes

15 Chauvet 7 LED Back Washes

15 American DJ LED Back Washes

8 Chauvet R1 Moving Heads

2 Nitro 520 Stage Washes

Full Truss Accent Lighting

4 Audience Blinders

6 Channel Chauvet DMX Fader Box

2 Class 4 XLasers with animated graphics

All necessary DMX cabling

15 Sq. Back Washes

Magic, Illusion, Mentalism, Comedy Hypnosis, Sound, Lighting Production and Stage Management

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